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Fight Time



Oooooh, I love the smell of bacon. Nom nom 🙂

So, ‘ows it goin’ doods?

Me ol’ mate Mikey is up for a fight wit’ dem tossers who want to grow their veg on ‘Bob’s Land’  Thelma the thrush ain’t ‘appy either. Mind you, she never stops bleedin’ talkin’ Yatter yatter all bleedin’ mornin’ – keeps me and de missus awake – grrrr.

Watch out mateys for any snoopin’ tossers – I ‘ate the bleeders I really do.

Keep de faith man !!




Part 2 – A few things to consider when investing in new gear

Sadly, with the demise of Jessops, there are very few places where you can go and get the feel for a camera. I imagine most people looking to purchase a new camera will go online, l can recommend Warehouse Express both for cost and excellent service.

Don’t be tempted by those special offers on memory cards – you know the sort I mean – 200gb cards that can store up to 17,583 photos. Be warned – they can also LOSE 17,583 photos if the card gets corrupted or damaged. No, stick to 8gb maximum and a few 4gb cards. Be safe – and always load the photos on to your computer after each photo session (and back them up to a separate hard drive whilst you’re at it. Consider a separate card reader to transfer the photos – its quicker and more reliable in my opinion than attaching your camera.

Oh – and if you’re buying an expensive camera – don’t buy a cheap crappo lens (Just sayin’)

Me? I’m a Canon Man – always have been. Besides – I liked their slogan

‘If Anyone Can, Canon Can’

Oh hang on, that was for ovens wasn’t it – well it just goes to prove my point 
So heres my Canon 5D (with small lens) alongside the camera which my dad used back in the 1930sImage

Thats enough of the boring stuff – on to more interesting snippets tomorrow (or the next day – its snowing, so the internet will crash apparently) 



Mikey’s Photo Blog – Part 1

OK, so thought it about time I started my own blog for my little world of photography.

Looks like it will take me a little while to get used to how this blog works, so please be patient.

Departing Loughborough

Departing Loughborough